Crossy Road Mod APK 2022 v4.9.0 [Unlimited Money/Gold/Coins]

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Crossy Road Mod APK [All Unlocked]

Crossy Road Mod APK is a great game for all ages. It has been downloaded over 50 million times and it’s free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store! The graphics are really well done, so if you ever get bored of playing this one, there are many more games available on both Android and iOS devices that have similar features with different levels of difficulty. If you haven’t tried Crossy Road Mod APK yet then what are you waiting for? Get out there and start crossing some roads today.

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Feature of Crossy Road Mod APK

  • Crossy Road is a relatively new game, but it has managed to become quite popular. The primary reason for this popularity can be attributed to its ingenious mechanics and remarkable design. Additionally, the rich content of the app keeps the players intrigued with what’s going on in the world of Crossy Roads.
  • As such, Crossy Roads Mod APK has picked up significant traction as well. With that said, we want to present you 15 amazing features of this modded version which you’re about to download right now:

Online Battle Mode For Multiplayer Fun

The most engaging part of this android game lies in its multiplayer option. You can challenge your friends and family members whenever you like and enjoy some fun competition across the couch or even over the internet.

Crossy Road Mod

Ability to Unlock All Characters

Well, it is interesting to note that while Crossy Roads Mod APK only facilitates you with enough in-game currency so that you can unlock one character; however, online battle mode helps you get your hands on them all! And not just this, but you can also get hold of all the costumes and other accessories which are there for the purpose of customization.

Unlimited Boosters With Advanced Coins Mod

The greatest thing about unlocking all characters is that it allows you to make use of unlimited boosters for free. Now you do not have to wait until they recharge or require actual coins. As an added bonus, advanced coins mod gives you access to unlimited coins as well!

Customization Options with Unlock All Items Mod

In most of the games, items are unlocked as you play. But this is not the case with Crossy Roads Mod APK, as it gives you access to all kinds of customization options right from the beginning – an amazing feature that adds a lot of depth and fun to your gaming experience.

Crossy Road APK

Unlock Special Characters by Taking Part in Weekly Tournaments

Apart from a number of special characters, there are weekly tournaments as well which allow you to unlock those characters who wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise! So now you can fill up your collection without much hassle or ado.

Free Moba Coins With In-Game Money Generator MOD

To help players progress further through the game, there exists an amazing feature known as MobaCoins generator mod which you can access with the help of Crossy Roads APK. It gives you free moba coins to spend on whatever you like.

Unlock All Pets And Use Them For Special Purposes

If you love pets and want them all around you for special purposes, then this is another amazing feature that has been provided by the developers for your convenience. Not only will they provide protection (if they are angry enough), but chances are they will also make some noise if someone comes near your home or wherever it is that you choose to keep them hidden.

Play Online In Daily Tournaments Which Open Up Daily

Crossy Roads Mod APK also has daily tournaments which are opened up every day. This means more fun for you, as you have more chances to win some trophies and other things that can improve your gameplay even further!

Save Your Game Progress Without Needing To Sign-In Every Time You Play

Crossy Roads Mod APK also allows you to save your game progress without needing to sign-in each time. So now there is no more need for complex controls or managing complex game settings. Everything is simple like it should be.

Crossy Road Mod APK Download

Unlock All Suits And Make Your Character Look Unique

Another great feature of this modded version is the fact that all the suits are unlocked by default; so now not only can you enjoy unlimited boosters and coins, but also a unique appearance. How cool is that?

Unlock All Weapons And Pose A Threat To Your Enemies

Why should you not pose a threat to your enemies even if you have all the coins and boosters at your disposal? Crossy Roads Mod APK gives you free access to all kinds of weapons from the very beginning, so make sure to use them well!

Never Get Bored With Unlimited Boosters Mod

For those who can never get bored because they are hooked on this game for hours together, there exists an amazing feature known as unlimited booster mod or advanced money generator. It allows you to keep playing without taking any break until you lose interest.

FAQs of Crossy Road Mod APK

What are the features of this game?

In this game, you have to help a chicken cross roads and subway trains in order to survive.

How do I install the modded APK?

Download the APK from our website and follow the instructions in the description box in order to make it work flawlessly without any errors.

What is Crossy Road MOD APK? What are its benefits?

It is a free-to-play video game that can be installed easily by anyone on their Android devices from Google Play Store from any part of the world. It has been designed with great attention to detail which makes it even more wonderful! Apart from unlimited coins, boosters etc., it also allows you access all kinds of customization options right from the beginning.

What are the special characters in this game?

There is a great collection of very special characters, including mascots and even some Indian ones like Chhota Bheem, Duniya Vijay etc., for you to unlock! If you love watching TV shows or cartoons on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network etc., then these characters will be perfect for you.

Where can I download the game?

You can download Crossy Road Mod APK from our website or you can also visit play store directly if you want. However, you will not be able to find modded games on Google Play Store because they are usually banned by default by the company. That is why we recommend that you download our version instead of trying to search for one using an internet browser.


We hope you enjoy this article and will share it with friends, family members, neighbors, classmates – anyone who might be interested in downloading Crossy Road Mod APK. If you have any questions about the game or need help installing it on your device, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]!

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