Prey Day Mod APK 2022 v14.6.01 [Unlimited Money/Coins]

Prey Day Mod APK is a modification for the game that lets you customize your character and play as an animal of choice. This mod gives players more options to choose from when it comes to their avatar, which may be appealing if they want something different than what's offered in the original version of the game!
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Prey Day Mod APK [Unlocked Everything]

Prey Day Mod APK is a modification for the game that lets you customize your character and play as an animal of choice. This mod gives players more options to choose from when it comes to their avatar, which may be appealing if they want something different than what’s offered in the original version of the game! If this sounds like fun or if you’re looking for ways to improve gameplay and make things easier on yourself (who wouldn’t?) check out our guide below.

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Features of Prey Day Mod APK

Unlimited Gold

The game is full of many in-apps that the player must purchase in order to advance in Prey Day. This mod gives you unlimited gold, thus allowing you to spend all your real money on something else besides virtual currency.

Prey Day Mod

Unlimited Money

You would think this one goes without saying but I will say it anyway. This mod gives you unlimited money for use when buying upgrades or recharging energy meters.

God Mode

When activated, this option makes it so that nothing can kill you and no damage can be done to you either. I guess this would fall under the category of “Unlimited Health” too though, if we’re being technical about it.

No Reload or Cooldown

It is very annoying to constantly wait for your weapon to reload or your special skill meter to recharge. This option gives you unlimited ammo and allows you to use them at will without any penalty.

Enemies Cannot Move

Other than the first time this happens, it’s always nice to scare the living daylights out of enemies by making them play dead. It works like a charm if they don’t know you have the mod installed!

Prey Day Mod APK Update

Max Skill Points

Getting enough points in order to level up can take a lot of time and effort. This is a shortcut that lets you open all the chests in a single set for a maximum reward per chest. Just make sure there aren’t any nearby when opening them because they might see you.

Easier to Level Up

In order to level up, %100 of the enemies from a level must be killed. This mod makes that requirement easier by increasing your kill per second ratio with each killing blow. So, if you keep having trouble killing the required amount, maybe this will solve it for you.

Unlimited Energy

Energy is used for many things like powering special skills and even moving around the environment faster with jetpacks or grappling hooks! You always need more energy so why not install this mod to make sure you have all of it? It’s unlimited after all!

Infinite Ammo (Guns)

As mentioned above, no reloading is pretty nice but what’s even nicer is unlimited ammo. This option gives you an endless supply of bullets for your weapons and guarantees that they will never break!

Prey Day Mod APK Download

Power Ups (Health, Damage, etc.)-

While you’re at it, why not get some special power ups to give yourself a fighting chance? The damage given by these are equal to whatever upgrade stages the enemy has but only if the upgraded enemy isn’t immune to them. For example, if an alien drone has 600 health, then this mod will do just 100 damage maximum.

FAQs of Prey Day Mod APK

What is Prey Day Mod APK?

It is a game based on the movie of the same name. You play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos who must find out what happened to his daughter after he gets called in to investigate an incident at the Beacon Mental Hospital.

What happen when you download Prey Day Mod APK?

When you download Prey Day Mod APK, it will remove all of the advertisements that come with regular gameplay and give you unlimited health, money, etc. It also unlocks more extra features like infinite ammo which makes killing your enemies much easier.

How do I install Prey Day Mod APK?

Downloading Prey Day Mod APK is very easy thanks to its user-friendly interface. it downloads (just make sure you have enough disk space and a good connection!) and installs like any other app and you can then enjoy all of its features.

Can I play Prey Day Mod APK offline?

Yes, you can play Prey Day Mod APK offline once it has finished downloading. This is very useful if you want to use it on the subway or during the night without having to kill your data plan because the game continues even if your device isn’t connected to the internet.

How do I download Prey Day Mod APK?

You have two options in regards to downloading Prey Day Mod APK: either from an external link or through our website which is a much safer way since we won’t send you anywhere else. If you are still confused then check out this guide to understand how it works.

What is the difference between Prey Day Mod APK and Prey Full Game?

While both games share the same name, they are not related. The game Prey Day Mod APK is based on the 2015 film while the original game has nothing to do with it. The only similarity is that they both have aliens.

Pre-requisites of Prey Day Mod APK You need to download an APK file in order to enjoy this mod. There are dozens of different sources online but some better than others so we recommend using our website for your own safety.


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What's new

– Reworked the ads box in the bank
– Reworked minimap
– Reduced the delay after watching ads
– Fixed various errors


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