War Machines Mod APK 2022 V6.5.4 [Unlimited Money/Gold/Ammo]

The War Machines Mod APK is the newest game to hit the Play Store, and it’s already proving to be a huge success. This free-to-play title has been downloaded over 10 million times in just three weeks! You can download this great new release for your Android device today by following these easy steps.
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War Machines Mod APK [Unlimited Everything]

The War Machines Mod APK is the newest game to hit the Play Store, and it’s already proving to be a huge success. This free-to-play title has been downloaded over 10 million times in just three weeks! You can download this great new release for your Android device today by following these easy steps.

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If you want more information on this awesome mod version of an already popular game, keep reading below! With so many people downloading and playing this game every day, we’re confident that there are plenty of other gamers out there who would love some tips about how they too can enjoy all that War Machine has to offer.

Feature Of War Machines Mod APK

Modification of war machines is a collection of various modifications on Android and iOS mobile games “World War Machine”, which was first released in April 2013. The game sets the player as a general officer who commands great forces on both sides and fight against the enemy toward the ultimate objective by commanding tanks and aircrafts.

The modification adds something that cannot be added just by merely downloading. There are many kinds of additions, but here we will introduce you 10 amazing features that were only available through this modification.

Revive dead players’ units. If you died in a battle field, your army will not disappear with your death, but rather sent to the retrieval point near your headquarters where they will lay dormant until someone makes way to rescue them.

Unlimited resources

Resources are used to develop new units and technology, so this is by far the most important thing. The player’s task is to capture resource points that will be added automatically for your use at a certain rate (which is faster than the normal game).

War Machines Mod

Unlimited energy

Energy allows you to enter various battles on broken territory. At first all energy will only be able to get one kind of material, but gradually more types of materials will be available after capturing Material Point in some places on the map, which can be entered free once per day.

Slow Time feature while upgrading units.

It is not initially possible when playing the game, but was made available via this modification so that the player has more time to upgrade units. Meanwhile, the game speed gradually increases after each stage, so this will provide an advantage to players who cannot increase their game speed themselves.

Unlimited training points (TP)

Training points are used for military academies developed by you or your neighbor. This also changes with the level of the map; at the beginning it’s only possible to get one kind of material TP, but as you progress through further levels, you’ll be able to get several types of material TPs.

New maps available free

The original game may have three different maps that seem similar in appearance, but this modification adds many new maps that can be unlocked if players successfully occupy certain places on existing maps.

War Machines Mod APK Update

Unlimited free time

Time is an important parameter for the game. One day has 24 hours, which can be used to start military academies or upgrading units. With this feature, you do not have to worry about the limited time, but at first there are only one Material Point that can be accessed freely per day, which will be increased up to five after capturing various places on the map.

New type of weapons

Each weapon that appears in the game has their own characteristics and features. The original game offers three classes – Handguns, shotguns and machine guns. But through this modification, players will get four new types of weapons: rifle, submachine gun (SMG), assault rifle (AR) and sniper (S). Players can get them after capturing various places on the map.

9) New types of tanks and aircrafts: medium tank (MT), Heavy tank (HT), Air fighter (AF) and Air bomber (AB). The original game offers three classes of tanks such as light, heavy and special, but through this modification players will get an additional class – medium between Light and Heavy. And new or existing air forces will be added: air fighters, bombers, helicopters … all you need is to capture Material Point in different places on the map.

War Machines Mod APK Download

More free items for your account

Once a player successfully captures a place on a map, they will receive “base materials” granting permanent benefits to their account in the form of additional items, such as new weapons (such as rifles, submachine guns, assault rifle or sniper), new types of tanks and aircrafts (medium tank, heavy tank, air fighter or air bomber)

FAQs of War Machines Mod APK

The game does not start after installing the mod What should I do?

If you have encountered difficulties when playing or opening this application, please uninstall any other mods before launching it again. It may also help to restore your device’s default settings and network connection. If you are using a mobile device, please confirm that you’re signing into the store with the same account on both mobile and computer. As for tablets, sign in with Google Play, since there’s no such thing as iTunes is for mobile devices.

How to install War Machines Mod APK?

Download War Machines Mod APK from here. In some devices, the installer may ask you to choose your default app settings, so long as the installation of War Machines Mod goes smooth. Once done, open War Machines Mod APK and click “install”, or use any file manager you have downloaded on your device to install it.

How to get Unlimited Gold Coins?

Please check if your War Machines Mod is already version 1.0. If not, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version. Open War Machines Mod and tap on “Start”. Once the game loaded, go to Settings > Options > Privacy Policy, then disable it (uncheck). Now you can get infinite gold coins for free​!

I get stuck with the Bouncing Balls at Home Screen of War Machines! How can I fix this?

The mod team has already released a version which fixes this issue, please update your game to V1.7 or above. Please note that you need to enable Storage Permissions in Setting – Option – Privacy Policy while installing this new version of War Machines Mod APK.


A total of six different war machines are built and can be used in battle to crush your enemies! Each machine has its own special attack that you’ll need to use strategically. With an arsenal like this, there is no telling what kind of havoc you could wreak on the battlefield with a little creativity. Download War Machines Mod APK now for free before these tanks finish rolling off the assembly line!

What's new

- Added ID functionality to the profile screen
- Quality of life improvements and bug fixes


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