Zombie Defense Mod APK 2022 V12.8.4 [Unlimited Money/Gems/Ammo]

The Zombie Defense Mod APK is a free and fun game that you can download for your android device. It has great graphics, sound effects, and gameplay which will keep you entertained while trying to stop the zombie invasion.
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Zombie Defense Mod APK [Unlocked Everything]

The Zombie Defense Mod APK is a free and fun game that you can download for your android device. It has great graphics, sound effects, and gameplay which will keep you entertained while trying to stop the zombie invasion. This app is perfect for all types of people because it’s easy enough for kids but still challenging enough for adults who are looking to have some competitive fun on their lunch break at work. When downloading this app make sure to update your Android operating system so you get the most out of playing. Download today and enjoy hours of endless entertainment with friends or family members.

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Features of Zombie Defense  Mod APK

Zombie Defense is a new strategy game in which you have to defend the city from zombie attacks.  In this game, killer zombies are coming in huge numbers with their different types of guns and rifles with full force to take over your fortress.  There are a number of cool things that you will experience when you start playing Zombie Defense mod APK.

Here I am going to share top amazing features of Zombie Defense Mod APK after using it for some hours, so read out the complete article if you want to know about Zombie Defense latest version.

Add More Guns & Upgraded Weapons

In the latest Zombie defense mods, many new upgradable weapons have been added such as AK-47, Desert Eagle, M4A1, Uzi and other deadly weapons.  In addition to this, you can also upgrade your existing arms using the points that you have earned during the gameplay.

Zombie Defense Mod

Upgrade Armory

In Zombie Defense 2 Mod APK 1.3.2, you will find a new upgradeable armory from where you can buy different types of guns for your defense purpose.  This is useful as zombies are coming with huge numbers from all sides so it becomes tough to take out each and every one of them without upgraded weapons.

More Challenges Mode

The mod APK gives more challenges to complete like survive for a specific time period or protect yourself from killing by zombies within a specific time period.  If you are not able to do so, then you will lose the game.

Awesome Graphics & Sound Effects

Zombie Defense 2 Mod APK is a very beautiful game that has two modes one is Campaign mode and second is Defense Mode.  In the campaign mode , you have to go through 30 different stages with 3 difficulty levels Survival, Hard & Nightmare.  This mod APK has awesome sound effects along with high quality graphics which enhances your gaming experience.

Zombie Defense Mod APK Update

More Stages Added

In every update of Zombie Defense Mod APK they are adding new exciting stages in it so now you can play more than 60 stages against zombies using this latest version APK

Game Center Support Added

One of the best features of this latest version Zombie Defense 2 Mod APK is that now you can play it with your friends and other zombie defense lovers through Apple Game Center.

Social Networking

This APK has also added a new feature to share your achievements on Facebook to show off your power in front of your friends.  You can check out Leaderboard to see who is number one among all zombie defenders.

Save/Load Functionality

You will find save / load button from where you can save & load game anytime you want while playing Zombie Defense mod.

Awesome Sound Effects

Zombie Defense 2 Mod provides awesome sound effects and background music which enhances your gaming experience and keeps you entertained while playing it.

Zombie Defense Mod APK Download

Easy Controls

Game controls are very easy; you just have to tap on screen where you want your character to move and kill zombies. It has simple one touch control system.

Free to Play

Zombie Defense Mod is free to download and play but there are in-app purchases available for users who wish to buy some in game items like gold coins, Points etc. Overall Zombie Defense mod is an awesome game with new guns & armory added in the latest version which makes this game best alternative of Plants vs Zombies MOD APK, CSR Racing MOD APK etc.

Common FAQs of Zombie Defense Mod APK

Zombie Defense is an action-packed classic ZOMBIE SHOOTER, which has been released on Google Play and iOS for a long time. The game was temporarily opened to all users recently by its developer Nexon on the occasion of Halloween.

Why does my base keep on getting attacked?

Zombie Defense is definitely a tough game, but it keeps players challenged rather than frustrated. Most of the time you will be able to survive at least 10 waves of zombies before your base collapses due to sheer numbers. Every time you complete a wave, the enemies will get stronger and they become more aggressive in their approach towards your home base. You can also see this from the HUD below:

If you do not upgrade or add any buffs for your equipment after each wave, you may encounter losing all trophies and gold. But if you follow each wave properly and spend some money on new stuffs, eventually your defense structure will grow strong enough so that it keeps the zombies away from your base for a longer time.

Why do I have trouble defeating the boss?

In Zombie Defense, there are a total of four types of bosses you need to defeat: Wolfman, Swamp Monster, Skeleton Dragon and Werewolf. The first three bosses take about 10 hits in order to be killed while the Werewolf can easily take more than 20 hits before going down. But it’s not only the amount of damage that determine their strength but also other factors such as HP protection and regeneration rate.

In addition, each boss has his or her own strategy rather than just rushing into your home base without any caution. For example, the Swamp Monster uses poisonous water to defend himself from players’ attacks, so contact with it will cause you a certain amount of damage.

Why am I stuck playing alone?

If you have tried Zombie Defense before, you should know that there are four modes in total: Campaign Mode, Challenge Mode, Trial Mode and Raid Mode. The first three modes will allow players either play alone or team up with their buddies since players will be divided into teams consisting of no more than 6 people each after entering the game lobby. Only for Raid Mode, which requires 6 players to work together as a team, players can play alone.

What is the best way to farm money?

Cash in Zombie Defense is crucial because it’s the only currency you need to upgrade your equipment and skills. The fastest way to make money is by completing challenges for each level. It usually takes about 3 hours of time before you finish all 7 available Challenge Missions for a particular level, and then you can replay them as many times as necessary until getting enough gold. In addition, you should also complete the Daily Mission every day since it gives you great amount of reward once finished.

Why do I lose trophies even though I still have lives left?

As mentioned above, Zombies Defense may be tougher than most other games, but it won’t make you feel frustrated. For the trophy system, if your life runs out just before completing a wave once or twice, that’s no big deal. What will happen is that you will be losing trophies after failing to complete all waves of zombies 1-2 times. So, there is really no need to panic about having only 1 life left and still dying again after killing lots of enemies.


We hope this article has helped bring some light on common aspects of Zombie Defense Mod APK for players who are new or unfamiliar with the game. Enjoy playing!

What's new

Version 12.8 changelog:
– Bug fixes and improvements.


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How to install Zombie Defense Mod APK 2022 V12.8.4 [Unlimited Money/Gems/Ammo] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Zombie Defense Mod APK 2022 V12.8.4 [Unlimited Money/Gems/Ammo] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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